The village of Zastražišće from the beginning of its existence had a very important guarding function to which attests the Illyrian fort on the top of the hill Vela Glava as well as two towers made by the noble family of Anđelinović, which served as defense from Turkish pirates (one tower was devastated and the other rebuilt). On a picturesque hill there is a parish church of St. Nicolas providing a view at the mountain Biokovo and Makarska coast. The village has a few remote parts. The stone houses, courtyards and streets are beautiful examples of rustic architecture. In the numerous fields around Zastražišće thrive the olive trees, producing the best olive oil on the island thanks to the abundance of sun and hardworking hands of the farmers.
In Zastražišće there are a few restaurants, as well as a self service shop, while  the closest bank, post office, doctor and petrol station are in Jelsa.

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