Island Hvar

How to arrive to the Island of Hvar

How to arrive on the island of Hvar by car?

If you are coming by car you can find all the necessary information on Croatian highways and tolls at
There are two ferry lines that take passengers and cars to the island of Hvar: daily ferry lines Split-Stari Grad (island of Hvar) and daily ferry lines Drvenik-Sućuraj (island of Hvar). If your final destination is somewhere on the eastern part of the island (the surroundings of Sućuraj, Gdinj) or you are driving from the direction of Dubrovnik or Sarajevo, the closest ferry port on the island of Hvar is the one in Sućuraj, but if you are intended for the central part of the island (the surroundings of Jelsa, Stari Grad and the city of Hvar) and are coming from Split, the closest ferry port is in Stari Grad. From Stari Grad there is a 10-minute drive to Jelsa and a 15-minute drive to the city of Hvar. If you are coming to the island of Hvar by car through the Sućuraj ferry port, we recommend you to have a full tank, since the closest gas station from the port of Sućuraj is 77 kilometres away. The road from Sućuraj to Jelsa is quite winding and narrow, so the entire drive from Sućuraj to the city of Hvar takes an hour and a half.

Useful information for drivers:
For driving in the Republic of Croatia you need to have a valid driving and registration license and the Green Card as proof of car insurance.

Traffic regulations in the Republic of Croatia:
-You drive on the right side of the road.
-The maximum speed limit in inhabited areas is 50 km/h (if not specified otherwise by traffic signs).
-The maximum speed limit outside inhabited areas is 90 km/h (if not specified otherwise by traffic signs).
-The maximum speed limit on highways is 130 km/h.
-The maximum permitted blood alcohol limit is 0.5 %.

If you need any kind of immediate assistance, urgent medical help, police assistance, fire department, mountain rescue service or any other type of assistance, you can dial the free-toll number 112 at any time of day or night, regardless of your location in Croatia. The calls can be made through land lines or cell phones and from all phone booths.
-Road assistance – HAK – available 24 hours at number 1987.
-In case of an accident you can dial the police number 192.

Gas stations:
Gas stations on major highways work around the clock and in villages from 7 am to 7 pm (up to 10 pm during the summer months). All gas stations sell Eurosuper 95, Super 98, Normal and Euro Diesel whose current prices you can check at

Gas stations on the island of Hvar:
In the city of Hvar, in Križna luka there is a gas station for cars and vessels.
Working hours:  7:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. Phone: + 385 (0)21 741-060.
There is also a gas station in Jelsa.
INA Working hours: 7 a.m. – 9 p.m. Phone: +385 (0)914971229
BAGY Phone: +385 (0)98497072

Information on Croatian roads:
Croatian road assistance Hrvatski autoklub:

Information on ferry lines:
"Jadrolinija", Split, phone: + 385 (0)21 338333

Auto repair services:

Auto repair and towing service "Barić" - Phone: + 385 (0)21 741 280
Service "Cvitanić" (Auto repair service – tire repairs, sale of spare parts and tires)
Križna luka - phone: + 385 (0)21 742 147
Jelsa - Auto parts "KGM, phone: +385 (0) 21 762 071
Auto repair and towing service "Auto sprint", phone: +385 (0) 21 761 783

How to arrive on the island of Hvar by airplaine?

The Croatian national airline carrier is Croatia airlines and during the season it connects Croatia with all significant European centres: Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Milano, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Prague, Tel Aviv, Rome, Sarajevo, Skopje, Vienna, Zurich and Manchester. You can find more information on Croatia Airlines flights at or by phone: +385 1 4819 633 or +385 1 0800 7777.

If you are planning to visit Hvar, you should fly to Split, because the airport in Split is the closest airport to the island of Hvar There is organized bus shuttle service from the airport to the port of Split where in the offices of Jadrolinija you can find the necessary information on boat lines to the island of Hvar.

If there is no direct flight from your destination to Split, then you can organize your flight through Zagreb that has multiple daily flights to Split.

Airport - Zagreb
10150 Zagreb, Pleso bb, p.p. 40 - phone: + 385 (0)1 45 62 222,+ 385 (0)1 62 65 222,
fax: + 385 (0)1 45 62 033, +385 (0)1 45 62 297,

Airport - Split
21120 Split, Kaštelanska cesta 96, p.p. 2 - phone: + 385 (0)21 203 555,

Airport - Zadar
P.P. 367 - phone.: +385 (0)23 205 800, fax.: +385 (0)23 205 831,

Airport - Dubrovnik
20213 Čilipi- Konavle phone: +385 (0)20 773 377, fax +385 (0)20 773 322

Airport - Brač
(only for smaller aircraft) - phone: + 385 (0)21 648 626, + 385 (0)21 648 606,

International airline companies also connect Croatia with world destinations:
- Adria Airways,
- Aeroflot,
- Austrian Airlines,
- Air France,
- British Airways,
- Ryanair,
- ČSA,
- Lufthansa,
- LOT,
- Malaysia Airlines,
- Malev,
- Swissair,
- Turkish airlines,

How to arrive on the island of Hvar by bus?

Croatia is connected with Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Germany, France and many other European countries with regular international connections. The closest bus terminal with international traffic is in Split located in the port of Split and there is a local national network of bus lines with which you can easily reach all the smaller places on the coast. When you are on the bus terminal in the port of Split you can find all the necessary information on the schedule of boat lines for the island of Hvar in the office of Jadrolinija.
Jadrolinija, Split, phone: + 385 021 / 338-333,

You can find information on the schedule of bus lines, as well as ticket prices at or by phone:
for international traffic +385 1 6157 938 and for national traffic 060 313 333.

Bus Terminal Split, 21000 Split - Obala kneza Domagoja 12 - phone: + 385 (0)21 329 180
info phone (local traffic): + 385 (0)60 327 777
info phone (international traffic): + 385 (0)21 329 199
fax: + 385 (0)21 329 182

On the island of Hvar there is a regular bus line that connects places on the island several times a day and the tickets are sold in the bus.
The carrier of the local lines on the island is:
Čazmatrans otok Hvar d.o.o. - Ivana Meštrovića b.b.
21460 Stari Grad, phone: ++ 385 (0)21 765 904, phone/fax: ++ 385 (0)21 765 911

How to arrive on the island of Hvar by train

Croatia is very well connected by direct trains with Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, France, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, whilst with other European countries it has connecting railway lines. The Croatian railway traffic includes local and fast trains and there are EuroCity and InterCity lines on the following routes:

- EC "Mimara": Berlin - Leipzig - Munich - Salzburg - Ljubljana – Zagreb
- IC "Croatia": Vienna - Maribor - Zagreb
- IC "Kvarner": Budapest - Zagreb – Rijeka
- IC "Drava": Budapest - Čakovec - Ljubljana - Venice

The nearest railway station is in Split situated in its port, so when you arrive by train in Split you can find all the necessary information on boat lines for the island of Hvar in the closest office of Jadrolinija
Jadrolinija Split, phone: + 385 021 / 338-333,

You can find information on railway traffic in Croatia at
or by phone for national traffic: 060 333 444, and for international traffic: +385 1 4573 283.