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Apartments Seaside Zavala

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Apartments Seaside Zavala

Let your mind wander in our beautifully located and tastefully furnished apartment. The apartment for 4 people is located away from the mass tourism at the end of the small village Zavala, it was completed in 2016 and offers everything for a unique and relaxing holiday.

Find a suitable apartment or room and send a direct request to the property owner. No Booking Fee

Apartment Seaside Zavala

Apartments Seaside Zavala

Zavala - Private accommmodation
Prices from: 110 Per night


Inspiration for your vacation
Why visit Zavala?
If you want to spend your vacation far away from the summer noise and crowds, enjoy the abundance of sun on pebble beaches and sparkling clear waters then definitely visit Zavala which is located on the south shore of the island of  Hvar. It can be reached through the tunnel from the village of Pitve. In its luxuriant beauty Zavala has to offer unforgettable scenes. Stone houses in the old section of the settlement, impressive view on the island of Šćedro, Korčula and peninsula of Pelješac, neat vineyards on steep slopes, blooming oleander flowers as well as many pebble beaches lined next to each other along the shores are just a small piece of the experience that this place has to offer. Accommodation possibilities in Zavala are numerous, including apartments, rooms, villas, vacation houses and camping sites. In Zavala’s restaurants you will be able to enjoy the best wines the island may offer and definitely on the menu will be fresh fish and homemade olive oil. Visit Zavala and discover all the charms of the south shores of the island of  Hvar.