Apartments Villa Kate

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Apartments Villa Kate

Villa Kate is located at the Bay of Zaraće, 7 kilometers away from the town of Hvar, and consists of two beaches Malo (little) and Veliko (big) Zaraće. Villa Kate is located at Malo Zaraće beach, 30 meters from the sea. The apartment is equipped with kitchen, bathroom with shower, thr...

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Apartment Villa Kate

Apartments Villa Kate

Zaraće - Private accommmodation
Prices from: 80 Per night


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Why visit Zaraće?

On the rocky cliffs on the south side of Hvar is located the village of Zaraće, 6 km from the city of Hvar. At the foot of this small picturesque village there are two deep coves with pebble beaches, one facing east called Velo Zaraće and the other facing west called Malo Zaraće. The pebble beaches of Velo Zaraće and Malo Zaraće close impressive rocky cliffs, true natural beauties. The village has several restaurants, it offers delightful accommodation in houses on the shore and except for the swimmers, Zaraće is, with its underwater landscape, an interesting destination for all underwater fans.
Zaraće can be reached by boat or by automobile.

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