Adventure park Hvar Jelsa

Hvar town / Jelsa 2 Hours ID: HV-TR-324

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Adventure park Hvar Jelsa

Adventure park Hvar Jelsa
Adventure Park Hvar Jelsa is Multi-activity park with 15+ adrenaline&fun things to do for all ages on Hvar island, Croatia. It blends into the natural ambiance of Hvar, located in a forest which provides great shelter from the strong summer sun, and it is just 5 min walk from Jelsa harbor. The park offers many different programs for groups like Stag do, Hen do(bachelor/bachelorette party), Team building, Family fun, Birthdays, or group of friends seeking for adrenalineBeach volleyball Boccie and Archery. And that is just part of the activities you can find there. Park is working whole year like the closed-type site so it works by announcing and pre-arranged program for each group. Concept of programs Programs are organized as a combination of socializing, relaxation, but also competitions. Teams placed in teams are competing in various exciting activities that you can't find everywhere. Event organized in this way ensures the constant engagement of all participants The main goal is to give each of the guests a unique experience, expand their vision, learn new sports skills, relax through all-day socializing. Of course all this in the fresh air and the natural, Marker and paintballs already from 25 euro. They offer also Splatmaster- paintball for kids with low impact pump markers.

Zorbing Football
Football in zorbing balls! Hilarious fun with many bounces and falls- Amazing football skills are not required.  You can play a few different games like bubble bulldog, forward roll race or 1vs1 knockout and of a course, bubble football match.

Battle Archery
Shoot your friends like a real superhero- with bow and arrow! Don't worry, arrows are foam-tipped and it is completely safe! A mix between paintball where the goal is to eliminate all players in otherAfter you learn basic you can try to compete with your group and prove you are the best!

Fun Olympic
Including 2 sport- Beach volleyball, Bocce, and 2 fun activities - Human table football and Giant boxing. Program for relaxing and fun competitions between teams. You can just play everything"Stag run" "Fire squad" "1 vs all" and more. Well, if you want to get married, you need to prove to your best friends that you really want it. And Tripadvisor says that Hvar is top 7 world destination for a bachelor party.

Team building Hvar
Hvar have many things to offer for team buildings, but nowhere you can find so many team building activities for all kind of people. Park can do small and big groups (200+), people. You can choose your program concept so it can be easy, fun or competition orientated. And like Plato once said "You can learn more about the person in 1 hour of the game, then in 1 year of conversation"

Family fun Hvar
Some people let kids play, well others play with their kids. This is a program for second ;) If you want a day with your family where kids and adults will have fun doing the same things, this is for you!

Choose one or more activites and try diffrent way of fun!