A walk through the canyon to the sea!

Velo Grablje / Malo Grablje 3 Hours ID: HV-TR-342

Prices from: 60.00 € / person

A walk through the canyon to the sea!

A walk thrugh the canyou to the sea

Canyon runs from the top of the island, 300m a.s.l. till the sea 4km. The guests are charmed by its misticism, steep rocks, old olive trees, smells and animals.

A small abandoned renaissance place, seems like a well hidden nest of my forfathers. My grandfather' s brother was the last living man there and left the place in 1968. He was called the Kingo di Lavanda.

We will wake up the place and talk about culture and economy of malo Grablje. The Renaissance time  in this area left special traces beside olives and vine.

This ture is combined by car (20 min) and walking (2,5 hrs).We would like to suggest you the Nordic Walking -with pooles (we help you by starting using pooles and walk easily). 

Duration: 3h,

Price: 450,00 kn

Includes: licensed guide ( local person fm town, language: engl, germ, ital ), unforgettable story of the inhabitants, snack, local delicacies with olive oil, glass of wine