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Aslept little town Malo Grabje

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Velo Grablje / Malo Grablje 3 Hours ID: HV-TR-342

Prices from: 60.00 € / person

Aslept little town Malo Grabje

Aslept little town of Malo Grabje

No one lives there and it is very popular among the guests.  It is the city of my grandparents, grandgrand parents  and many others. Guests are walking among uninhabited houses. The last who left, was brother of my grandfather in 1968. The guests can  entre in  many  houses, explore the remains of our past. They can entre but, even though the doors are missing the housses are closed. They open themself by feeling respect and then remind the guests of their  own tribe. Houses are also opening for those who brings back stone masks, thresholds, windows, who have realized that this peaces of houses suits there best..
At our event we will gently awaken the small town, houses. waterwells, ...  We will talk about the rational world of the island, Malo Grablje and about the real people. We will have  salty and sweety delicacies. We will also talk about love, faith, tears, sweat, dance, the economy of Malo Grablje,  where olives and wine have a special place.

This ture is provided:                                                     - by car or                                                                           - by car and  walking. 

We would like to suggest you the Nordic Walking -with pooles (we help you by starting using pooles and walk easily). 

Duration: 3h,

Price: 450,00 kn

Includes: licensed guide ( local person fm town, language: engl, germ, ital ), unforgettable story of the inhabitants, snacks, local delicacies with olive oil, glass of wine and fruit