Bistro Davor, Zavala

Zavala ID: HV-TR-290

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Bistro Davor, Zavala

Enjoy freshly caught fish, vegetables from our garden, wine from our cellar…

If you would like to enjoy freshly caught fish, vegetables from our gardens, wine from our cellar, the best pizza in the world, a friendly face and a relaxed atmosphere, be sure that you will be pleasantly surprised if you visit our family Bistro Davor. Us two brothers, Krišto and Grgo Barbić, have inherited the hospitality, the love towards people and love for food from our parents and our grandparents, because this business has been run by our family for more than 40 years. A visit to our bistro invigorates the body and soul, everything here is genuine and honest - the people and the food, the laughter and the ambiance, because we are a part of this island, and the island is a part of us.

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