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Hvar Town Like a Theatre- the city tour

Hvar town 4-0 persons 1 Hour ID: HV-TR-339

Prices from: 22.00 € / person

Hvar Town Like a Theatre- the city tour

The Town of Hvar is a T​heatre

It is a romantic experience to uderstand the logic of a fortified town and its life through the thousands of years till today. The town  built in the form of two halves with a square in the middle acts like a theatre.  The archipelago is its scenery. Hvar has its myth and curse. Original democracy, free economy, a local character, many cultures and art which was living in the town, created the life quality and good amusment- like acting e.g. Therefore the first public theatre in Europe  was opened in Hvar more then 400 years ago. Hvar has been living through pjaca for hundreds of years and Zvir, its dragon has been keeping its secret since ever.