Restaurant Giaxa, Hvar town

Hvar town ID: HV-TR-10

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Restaurant Giaxa, Hvar town

Restaurant Giaxa, Hvar town - Hvar restaurants

The heart of every restaurant is the kitchen, and here the main part is played by Jurica Patrlj who acquired his culinary knowledge at the Regent Esplanade Zagreb hotel, a generator of Croatian top chefs. With the very opening restaurant Giaxa became an irresistible place for all the guests of Hvar town, longing for some inspiring gastronomic and oenological experiences.

Inspiring gastronomy
Nowadays, gastronomy has become an important part of lifestyle. Following new trends of the world cuisine and at the same time maintaining the authenticity of the local cuisine, the restaurant's offer is based on meals prepared using local groceries: the fish and seafood caught in the local sea and vegetables cultivated on the island. In that way business on the island becomes an advantage instead of being a disadvantage.

By combining its history and its approach to cooking, the restaurant Giaxa becomes a place where the scent of Hvar's lavander and rosemary meets Serenissima.

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