Restaurant kod Ive on the Island of Šćedro


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Restaurant kod Ive on the Island of Šćedro

Modern Robinson Crusoe-style apartments and restaurant on the island of Šćedro.

Family Jakas offers fantastic local dishes in their family restaurant in the bay Veli Porat on the island of Šćedro. There you can find a wide selection of fresh, high quality fish, lobster and langoustines which you can chose directly out from seawater tank as well as meat dishes and local wines. You can enjoy freshly prepared meals in a relaxed atmosphere in the shade of restaurants terrace directly on the beach. You can spend a very active holiday on the island of Šćedro by hiking and walking on the trails or you can simply relax on the tranquil beaches. There is no shop, electricity or running water on the island. Water supply comes from a rainwater tank which is analised every year to sustain a good water quality. Enough electricity is provided by huge solar panels on the roof of the house. A unique experience in this cove is underwater light powered by solar electricity, especially in the evening.
This cove can be reached by family Jakas taxy boat leaving from Zavala at 10 or 11 am and back to Zavala at 5 or 6 pm or you can arrive with your own boat and leave it in the safe bay or even arrive by helicopter on the nearby platform. And believe it or not, you can use the wireless internet in this bay.

For more info and reservations feel free to contact:
Owners: Ivo i Jasna Jakas