Restaurant Zvijezda mora, Stari Grad

Stari Grad 1-0 persons ID: HV-TR-6

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Restaurant Zvijezda mora, Stari Grad

Welcome to restaurant Zvijezda mora in Stari Grad!

Surrounded by ancient walls and preserved among the narrow streets built of stone, the spirit of the old Mediterranean has survived in our town perhaps longer than elsewhere. It can be heard in the roaring of the waves and wind, beating in the steps and hum of people. One can feel its breath – in the fragrance of the sea , the earth and rock and especially in the fragrance that spreads through the streets from pots and pans behind open windows. Inspired by that romantic, seducing spirit, equipped with knowledge and in love with our work, we warmly welcome you!

Using only the selected ingredients from the island’s markets, our chef Tomislav Subašić create an exquisite gourment experience. Because we use fresh, autochthonous ingredients, some dishes are not available at all times. The menu offer depends on the luck of the fishermen, the weather, the season and the selection on the local market.
Welcome to restaurant Zvijezda mora in Stari Grad, located right on the Riva.

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