Gariful Submarine tours, Hvar

Hvar town 1-12 persons ID: HV-TR-153

Prices from: 11.00 € / person

Gariful Submarine tours, Hvar

Submarine tour, Hvar town

All mysteries of Hvar undersea you can now explore with us! When we want to offer you something special, then there are no limits in implementation! There are no limits for discovering beauty of Hvar! Have you ever wondered what is hidden under the Adriatic sea?
When you are visiting Hvar, you have to see its history, people, tradition and untouched nature… But not only to see it, you have to experience it! We are offering you unique underwater experience!
Dive with us, and explore all secrets and mysteries of Hvar undersea. This summer prepare yourself for the best adventure ever with our special submarine. In 30 minutes discover untouched undersea world, beautiful Hvar archipelago. Meet the fishes, dolphins and the hidden stories of seabed.

You can buy your ticket in front of Gariful restaurant and for only 80 Kn join us in this exciting tour to the island Galešnik and experience a unique adventure that is hidden under the sea.