The Hvar Wine Culture Experience

The Hvar Wine Culture Experience

Hvar town 4-0 persons 7 Hours ID: HV-TR-341

Prices from: 114.00 € / person

The Hvar Wine Culture Experience

Plavac, the Blue like the sea! The Hvar Wine Culture Island Experience.

Plavac is the name of grape and the name of the most wanted wine on the island.The grape is blue like a sea when the bora combs it in the morning, indigo blue.Way through the vineyards on the island  guides us into the heart of Hvar under the high rocks at the sea. This place reminds to Arkadia. Here a wind, the sun, the sea and the local men  cope by producing   the most demanded wine on the island  Plavac. The story started with nestor Ivo Politeo + 1997, agronomist. He and the local producers were producing by love and respectancy to each other and wine tradition. They made Pharos, the first branded wine more than 20 years ago.  We. will visit 5 wineproducers and taste the wine.When they talk about wine, they follow our eyes, our view. They want us to get a message. They are real and kind.  They talk about the nestor as though he would still be present.                                                   My grandfather was a  producer and the wholesaler with wine on the island. Tasting wine with local delicacies,  exploring the UNESCO protected world culture and heritage is real mediterranean pleasure on the island of Hvar. It is a gentle relaxation.

The route: Hvar, vineyards around the island, ancient wine culture, "Arkadija", Teuta's coast, Pharos Stari Grad city tour and the mulets, Hvar

Duration: 7 h,

Price: 850,00 kn Expert guiding, excelent island cuisine lunch (4 meals), snacks, fees and transportation are included.