Follow the Wine into the Heart of the Island!

Hvar town 4-0 persons 6 Hours ID: HV-TR-341

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Follow the Wine into the Heart of the Island!

Follow the Wine into the Heart of the Island!

Wine culture tour, 7 p.m.

Plavac is the grape for the best wine on the island. It is blue as the sea when a bura wind combs it in the morning. The vineyards with the best grape lead under high cliffs by the sea, like in "Arkadia". Here the wind, the sun and the ivy with the sea produce grapes - Plavac. The best known wine is also Plavac. Nestor of Plavac , Ivo Politeo, +1997, was a devoted agronomist. He and the winegrowers, in the silence of respect and love, refined the process and donated the first branded Hvar wine more than twenty years ago. The second devoted agronomist was Rato Kokić. He made a winemaking museum in Pitve.. Meeting with local winemakers is a rational experience that will make you real. They believe in the sun, the earth, the sea and speak the chosen words about the cultivation of the vine and the vine. They look us in the eyes, see if we understand them, follow them. They are cordial, but not immediately. They talk about Nestor Polite and Kokic as if they were still present. Tasting Plavac, local delicacies and ancient world heritage is a rich experience. My grandfather was a wine wholesaler on the island.

Route: Hvar, vineyards around the island, the way of ancient wine culture, "Arcadia", Teutina coast, Pharos, Stari Grad city tour, Hvar.

Duration: 7 h

Price: 950,00 kn,

Includes expert guided tour, sightseeing of Stari Grad, lunch of excellent Hvar cuisine, water, tickets and transportation are included in the price