Hvar is an Island Continent

Hvar town 2-0 persons 5 Hours ID: HV-TR-340

Prices from: 170.00 € / person

Hvar is an Island Continent

Hvar is an island continent; island study tour, 7 hours

Hvar represents the Mediterranean from pre-civilization to the present day and has its place on the stage of world history. People of different cultures have been  living there for thousands of years, but separated. The location and relief of Hvar have always been priced and fighted for. Thus, in the midst of the sea, a rational and real world was formed – the green  island continent of Hvar. The tour shows all this and the difference between the west and east side of the island. You revive the history of the island as a whole.
Route: Hvar - Pharos – Jelsa - South coast- Gdinj- North Coast –Hvar.

Price: 170 E

min. 2 persons

or 30% additional payment,  snack and meal are included in the price