The Island of Hvar is an Island Continent | Guided tours | Walking trips

Hvar is an Island Continent

Hvar town 5 Hours ID: HV-TR-340

Prices from: 90.00 € / person

Hvar is an Island Continent

The Hvar is an Island Continent

Hvar is a small world crossed by many cultures in thr mediterranean. Exploring of the relief, flora, fauna, cuisine and people on the island of Hvar is a relaxing amusment. The story flows like a river across the island and brings visitors through the thousands of years, from place to place through the olive and wine culture and the canyon to the sea.The greens, fragrances and impressions wake  up stronger  than coffee. Experience of the heritage from the time of Aristotle till the tim e of the facebook is a view onto the real Mediterrranean. Places vary as people do. Their speech and cuisine are different on a small island. Local delicacies, contacts with the islanders, renaissance small town of my family, agriculture, art, arch and heritage present originality of Hvar in mediterranean area.

We recommand: comfortable footwear for city and nature, hat

Route: Hvar city, south coast, ager, four small antique towns, Stari grad, Jelsa, urban antique , Malo Grablje, olive canyon, Hvar

5h;  expert guidance also for the Antique Heritage, local delicacies (main course and three snacks in different locations around the island ) and transportation are included,  

Price: 680,00kn