Vodnjak, Pakleni islands, diving spot

Nature & Wildlife
Hvar town / Island Vodnjak ID: HV-TR-112

Vodnjak, Pakleni islands, diving spot

On the very end of the west side of Pakleni otoci islands there is a charming islet of Vodnjak. An attractive and well known diving destination by the name of “Sika od Vodnjaka” is situated in close vicinity of the islet, on the western side of it. Sika consists of several vertical reefs covered with densely grown miraculous red gorgonians and it is a home of a rich variety of fish and mussel. Among many, the best known is the Kampanel reef – an obligatory destination for sea world lovers.

The beauty of the island is not made only of white rocks and luxurious and picturesque coves, its crystal clear sea hides many secrets in its deep turquoise waters...

The undersea world of the island offers numerous attractive locations and makes this an imperative destination for sea world lovers. The reasons are, among others, its rich flora and fauna, the remains of ship wrecks and numerous underwater caves. Relatively high sea temperatures enable the diving season to last all year round.
There are numerous interesting diving locations in the vicinity of Hvar waiting to be discovered; these are only the best known.

We highly recommend to inexperienced divers to join organised groups of divers leaded by experienced experts.