Wine tasting tour Tomić, winemaking roads of Hvar

Jelsa 1-50 persons 1 Hour ID: HV-TR-33

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Wine tasting tour Tomić, winemaking roads of Hvar

Wine tasting tour Tomić, winemaking roads of Hvar

We offer you a plethora of intense colours and aromas, and take you along the winemaking roads of Hvar.
The two places where you may find us are:
Wine cellar at the winery in the Mina bay in Jelsa
Wine boutique (Wine studio) in the old town centre in Jelsa

The Winery
Apart from offering you the opportunity to tour the production section of our winery, we also organize tastings in our wine cellar modelled after the ancient Roman dining rooms, which is why we have named it Triclinium.
Triclinium is the space which we are particularly proud of: it is carved out of stone, with ceilings made out of tufa and pillars made out of travertine, which was the method of construction used in the Diocletian's cellars. We intended it for ourselves, as well as anyone else who wishes to escape the world for a while and experience Hvar's history, wines and stones in their indivisible connection.

Our new winery is situated in Jelsa, a small coastal town with a long winemaking tradition. We produce between 130,000 and 150,000 bottles a year and, beside members of our family Tomić, ten other people from the island of Hvar work to achieve that. We cultivate autochthonous grape varieties and knowledge, but we experiment with new ones as well. Constantly enhancing the production or red, white and rosé wines with modern technologies, we strive towards making them ever better. We pay particular attention to the production of Prošek – the original Dalmatian desert wine made from selected and dried grapes of the highest quality local varieties.
We are especially proud of our wine tasting venue, buried in stone bellow the winery and modelled on ancient Roman dining rooms.

Wine Boutique
We have also renovated the wine cellar of our family house in the old town centre where our wines can be tasted within the context of the winemaking traditions of the island Hvar.
The wine boutique is the tasting venue located in the renovated wine cellar of the family house in the old town centre of Jelsa. Alongside the gallery of wines and objects that testify to the years of wine growing and oenophilia that runs in the family, in the wine boutique's relaxed atmosphere you will also be able to experience the meeting of past and the island life that today still goes on in that old street.

All our products are available for tasting. The wine tasting can be held in the Croatian, English or German language.

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