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Hvar Wine Tasting Tour

Hvar town 2-8 persons 3 Hours ID: HV-TR-354

Prices from: 59.00 € / person

Hvar Wine Tasting Tour

In Hvar Point we look at experience Hvar a little bit differently.

We know that for a mind blowing experience you need to touch someone’s senses: tastes, smells, sounds and pictures – this all makes a vacation. In order to create something really special, you also need to touch someone’s heart. We like to call this effect Hvar in heart and that's why we know that you don't want to miss our wine/island tours. It’s not just about wines it’s a story that we would like to tell you in our own special way.

We will start our journey in Hvar and start our drive through the island. We will pass through old villages Brusje and Velo Grablje and through many lavender fields. Stop, breathe, enjoy. Go home to your vacation and decide to live a lavender life and put stress in distress. After this stress-free sightseeing we come towards the Agera (Hora) – protected field, one of Greek culture masterpieces which remained almost intact during a period of 2400 years.

After this beautiful sightseeing we will drive further towards Jelsa where two specially chosen wineries are waiting for you.

First we will stop at Tomić winery, a very modern winery, very famous not only in Hvar, but in Croatia. You will try the famous Tomić Plavac and probably never want to leave. First you will be taken for a sightseeing tour around the winery and then you will start with wine tasting. In order to provide you with a really holistic experience you will have 4 wine courses specially paired with accompanying food: prosciutto, cheese, chocolate and other lovely gastronomic surprises.

After modern Tomić’s winery we will take you back to the roots. We are taking you to pure tradition – Duboković winery. Tradition, wine, cheese, bread – let’s be honest – pure heaven or to say Hvar heaven. Besides all this in Duboković winery you will be able to enjoy in his own produced olive oils with aroma. Try basilicum or sage flavoured olive oil and decide to move to Hvar permanently. If this is not possible, you can buy vines or olive oils to take with you as a memory to enjoy in coldish autumn nights.

The tour lasts for about 3 to 4 hours and you can choose whether you want to visit only one or two wineries. We believe we already know your choice.