Villa Dvor Pitve B

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Villa Dvor Pitve B

The villa Dvor Pitve Objekt B means a luxury in hundreds-year-old stone houses in the picturesque town Pitve. The advantages of the location are peace, natural beauty and authenticity, all near to the center of the municipality of Jelsa, the sea and the beaches which are located on the nor...

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Vacation House Villa Dvor Pitve B

Villa Dvor Pitve B

Pitve - Private accommmodation
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Why visit Pitve?

At the entrance of the pass of Vratnik, 3 km from Jelsa is located the village Pitve. Because of its very convenient location and defensive possibilities, Pitve has preserved centuries old architecture of a typical Dalmatian village. Pitve will fascinate every visitor with its tightly bound stone houses, narrow paved streets and small squares where history hides behind the wooden shutters, while the irrefutable harmony of human creativity and nature leaps out of almost every scene. On the slope between the two settlements of Pitve is the parish church of St. Jacob built in 1877 from where you have an extraordinary panoramic view and if you walk to Gornje Pitve you will enjoy a magnificent view: Veliko polje, Jelsa, the island of Brač, Hvar channel, Makarska riviera. In Pitve during the highest summer temperatures you can enjoy the fresh cool breeze and comfortable nights, while the clean untouched nature with which this village has harmoniously merged has given it an inevitable charm. From Pitve from the pass of Vratnik starts an old serpentine path which leads to Zavala over the hill of St. Antony (550 m), as does a tunnel 1400 m long which exits on the south side of the island of Hvar and leads to Zavala, Ivan Dolac and Sveta Nedjelja.

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